Raex® delivers high performance in all typical wear applications. Together with trouble-free production Raex® brings you a new level of cost efficiency and competitiveness.


Extreme environments and hard-core challenges characterize the mining industry. If you need to dig more, crush more, load more or haul more, Raex® wear-resistant steel can help you get the biggest jobs done. Ideal for buckets and dumper bodies, it’s also suitable for lining equipment parts, impact surfaces, transportation equipment and conveyor belts.

Raex in mining
Raex in road construction

Road construction

Whether you need to manufacture long-haul trucks or machinery that’s built to last, Raex® helps you solve stubborn impact and wear problems. With thin and wide Raex® sheets, you can lower overall weight, increase payload and obtain a superior surface quality to improve your tipper’s appearance.


Agricultural machinery and equipment face a lifetime of wear and high-stress abrasion. Hard yet flexible, Raex® steel can help increase the lifespan of your machinery, decrease service intervals, and lower your repair and replacement costs.

Raex in agriculture
Raex in recycling


In the recycling business, you’ve got to stay productive and competitive. Recycling equipment needs to be able to withstand the abuse of hard, sharp objects like lumps of concrete, scrap metal and glass. Raex® comes in thin yet abrasion-resistant sheet (down to 2 mm) that will help you minimize the weight of recycling containers while maintaining their durability.

Concrete and cement

Challenging work environments demand durable, reliable concrete and cement equipment. Our wide range of Raex® steels keeps your output reliable. For example, Raex® 300 makes a great fit for concrete mixers while Raex® 500 can be used in liner plates.

Raex in concrete and cement