Raex® abrasion resistant steel

Raex® abrasion-resistant steel is a product that simply won’t let you down. The steel’s robust behavior from batch to batch improves productivity and offers predictable wear life for your end application. Predictability and cost efficiency across a range of applications – that’s why customers rely on Raex® abrasion-resistant steel.

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Robust in all processing steps

Working Raex® is easy thanks to its good cutting, welding and bending properties. Its outstanding performance means that the quality of the product is uniform from batch to batch, ensuring little variation in workshop properties. Especially accurate hardness performance translates into repeatability in the workshop, minimizing quality deviation between batches. The robustness of Raex® steels offers cost efficient, reliable manufacturing for you as a user.


Bending Raex steel
Tipper truck in mining

Predictable and longer wear life

The steel’s high and reliable quality offers predictable wear life for the end application. Raex® steel’s constant hardness profile and excellent skin hardness provide good wear resistance properties in every wear application. Its hardness aims to be higher than the nominal value, extending the wear life of the finished product.

Competitive advantage with Raex®

With the excellent performance of Raex®, you can expect uniform behavior in the workshop and a robust final product.

Higher productivity
Higher productivity

Easy and economical use in the workshop.

Surface quality
Surface quality and flatness

Outstanding finish on final product.

Hardness performance
Hardness performance

More predictable and longer lifetime of the final product.

What is Raex®?

A quality brand with an excellent reputation, Raex® is the result of decades of product development.

When you purchase Raex® steel, you’re getting a high-quality product that is ready for even the most demanding jobs. Raex® steel has been specially optimized for abrasive environments, as well as easy processing in the workshop. Outstanding hardness performance, skin hardness and superior plate appearance give all Raex® users a competitive advantage.

Sustainable steel manufacturing

Raex® steel is manufactured by SSAB and sold through the global Raex® distribution network. The steel industry is currently one of the highest CO2 emitters, accounting for 7% of all emissions globally. But we are determined to continue our efforts to decarbonize the steel industry, and Raex is part of this goal.

Find your Raex® steel distributor

The Raex® Certified Partner Program represents a network of distribution partners that provide the best selection of special steel products and services on the market.

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