Raex products

About Raex

High availability

Raex plate and strip are quickly available from our global Raex distribution network, enabling fast, effective production and less tied-up capital. For custom specialized grades, Raex mill lead times are short and delivery is reliable for easy inventory planning and replenishment.

Complete product range

Available in thicknesses of 2-80 mm at 300-500 HB, Raex has got your every wear need covered. You can depend on Raex to help extend service life, increase payload, optimize production and save costs. And Raex strip, made using modern technology and extensive quenched manufacturing processes, offers you more options and design possibilities.

Quality and performance you can rely on

Leaner production begins with reliable performance. Raex is made from carefully chosen raw materials in a tightly controlled, integrated steel mill process. The result: reliable quality and performance hardness, bendability, surface quality and flatness – thus high performance for all your typical wear applications.